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Holi At Entigrity during tax Season 2019
  • Patrick Ross
  • 29 Mar
  • 86

Holi At Entigrity during tax Season 2019

Almost every year in the month of March, vivid hues taint the sky to turn it kaleidoscopic. That means it’s Holi already. Holi, the festival of colors, is the most fun-filled festival of India. It is an ‘all-out paint others’ party and comes mostly in the month of March (spring time in India and Nepal).


Mass gatherings, smearing colors on everyone, dancing together, eating delicacies and of course the intoxicating bhang are few of the characteristics of this amazing festival that’s known by different names depending on regions you visit. To some it is Rangpanchami, for others Lathimaar Holi; Phagua and Basant Utsav as well to a lot of them, however, in all the essence of celebrations is similar pan India.


In the week leading up to Holi, mischievous youngsters arm themselves with water balloons and fling them on unsuspecting victims, but having done that, one should also be ready to get back the same treatment. And of course there is a common saying,"Bura na mano Holi hai." (translated: Don't mind at all, it's holi.)


The evening before the color riot takes over, traditional holy bonfires could be seen at every nook and corner which is symbolic to burning all ego and evil from within and then embrace every individual as a family. Prayers are recited, songs are sung and people dance around the bonfire as they celebrate the victory of good (senses) over evil.


By the morning, people of all ages, genders and groups gather together as they smear each other with colour. The sound of loud drum beats or typical Bollywood music (whichever best suits the enthusiasts) can be heard from distance and can be seen on every corner as the festivities begin. By early afternoon, invariably everyone ends up being undistinguishable, covered – from head to toe, with brightly coloured powder or drenched with colored water of all shades that you can name of.


Differences, past arguments and fights are forgotten as colours are smeared on everyone – friends and foes alike. This is the time of the year, which in particular can be used to repair relationships and forget and forgive all the past enmity. Everybody is treated equal and own.


Being a major festival, Holi is a generally observed public holiday in almost all of India. But looking at the ongoing tax season, team Entigrity chose not to take a holiday on Holi, instead celebrate it with friends from work towards the end of the day. A huge task was, however, to reach to work all clean, especially when there were chaos and color riots on the streets. Some succeeded, others could not; but then it can work for one day when colors rule.


The anticipation of the celebrations was built up from days in advance and all of us were looking to show our inner mischievous selves. As the sun set, it was time to get crazy and wacky. Colors started making their places on everyone’s faces; and later whatever could come to your minds to make others ‘not clean’. Even if it meant pouring cold buttermilk in other’s hair. Sounds tacky, but sure brings some fun. And the best part of all was, nobody was allowed to feel offended; nobody did too! The whole idea behind all fun was to grow bonds and we succeeded with laughter all over.

DJ, dance and delicious dinner followed and by the time we called it a day, nobody was left clean, or even dry. I wish I could paint a better picture of words, but do I need? I already have a video to show some glimpses of #HoliAtEntigrity.

Patrick Ross

Patrick joined team Entigrity in 2015. He has his core expertise in the field of technology but holds very special place for accounting. He has been rigorously doing efforts to find out ways how accounting firms can make the most out of modern information technology.

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